Military expert! virus 2019-nCoV is a biological weapon

By | February 2, 2020
Military expert! virus 2019-nCoV is a biological weapon

Coronavirus 2019-nCoV developed by the Americans as a biological weapon against the Chinese, according to a former members of the UN Biological Weapons Commission Igor Nikulin. On January 31, his comment was published by the agency.

According to Igor Nikulin, this virus affects only representatives of Asian peoples.

“Coronavirus strikes them. And there is no such natural mutation. This happened just when the Americans set the task of creating a new generation of biological weapons that would be ethnically specific,” the military expert said.

According to him, Wuhan is well suited for a special operation to infect the population. It is a major city and a logistics point in the center of China. “Plus there is an institute of virology and the largest market where wild animals are traded. There is an American consulate, where undercover employees of other agencies are present,” he said.

The time of the onset of spread also speaks in favor of the artificial origin of the virus. In China, the holiday of the New Year, when the inhabitants of the Celestial Empire massively move around the country and the world.


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