Military shoots 12 people in Thailand

The soldier shot and killed his commander and two other soldiers before arriving at the mall, where he opened fire on the visitors.
In the city of Corat in northeastern Thailand, a soldier opened fire and killed at least 12 people. This is reported by the Bangkok Post on Saturday, February 8.

It is noted that the soldier first shot his commander and two other soldiers at the base, and then stole humvee’s car, arrived at the Terminal 21 shopping mall, where he opened fire on visitors.

The man allegedly took hostages. The total number of victims is being specified.

The name of the attacker is already known. This is Corporal Jakrapant Tomma. He broadcast his actions at the mall on Facebook Live and took a selfie with a rifle. In one of the recordings, he says that he is very tired. Soon his page was disabled.

The motives of the soldier’s actions have not yet been reported.

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Earlier in Afghanistan, several soldiers shot their fellow soldiers at a checkpoint and went to the Taliban. Then 25 soldiers were killed.