Millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter in quarantine

Millions of Christians around the world celebrate Easter in quarantine

Another quarantine and restrictive measures were introduced in many countries of Europe and America

Millions of people around the world found themselves on Easter weekend in new lockdowns and quarantines due to the increase in the number of coronavirus infections, despite ongoing vaccinations around the world.

Italian authorities announced a strict three-day nationwide lockdown on Saturday. For the second year in a row, Italian Catholics have been unable to celebrate Easter in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican.

New isolation measures will go into effect on Sunday and in France, where a rapidly spreading new variant of the coronavirus has led to the filling of intensive care units in hospitals. Restrictions have also been recently introduced in Belgium and other European countries.

Across the Atlantic, in Ontario, Canada, the third lockdown began on Saturday. The restrictions will be in effect for 28 days due to the spread of new, more dangerous mutations of the coronavirus and an increase in hospitalizations. New restrictions have also been introduced in British Columbia and Quebec.

Brazil continues to have one of the worst pandemic outbreaks in the world – the more contagious variant of the virus, first discovered in that country, continues to spread, causing concern in other Latin American countries. Bolivia closed its border with Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, and Peru completely closed their borders.

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The US on Friday became the first country to fully vaccinate 100 million people. The announcement came just over a week after the Biden administration hit its target of 100 million vaccinations.

There are over 130 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide so far, according to Johns Hopkins University. The pandemic killed 2.8 million people. The United States leads in the number of infections with 30.6 million cases, followed by Brazil with 12.9 million and India with 12.3 million infections.