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Mining in a car. Gamers will go crazy with envy!

There are people who are so eager to stand out that they are willing to do anything for the sake of it. For example, American Simon Byrne spared neither effort nor time to convert his BMW i8 car into a crypto farm. And this project “ate” a lot of money. The farm fits in the luggage compartment and can properly perform its main function – the production of cryptocurrency for its owner. It should be noted that such a farm is unique and exists in a single copy.

But, how is it possible to have a mining farm in a car? But there’s nothing impossible about it. Byrne’s BMW is a hybrid car. The farm’s equipment is powered by its onboard battery. The farm itself is based on six (!!!) powerful Nvidia RTX 3080 video cards. However, if you look at the process of this farm from the practical side, it is far from ideal.
Mining in a car
The fact is that during mining a significant amount of heat is released. To dissipate it, you need to keep the trunk lid open to ensure an acceptable temperature range. Driving in warm weather can also cause a lot of trouble. But Simon’s embarrassment is minimal. The man is confident that he did everything right. His main goal is to “piss off” gamers. And by all appearances, he achieved it, because it is all about video cards themselves!

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Any gamer will be unspeakably happy to have a chance to build a computer with at least one Nvidia RTX 3080. These graphics cards came out recently and are in fantastic demand at the cost of the simplest model from $ 700. At the same time, you can buy them only at a price of $ 1200 and that only if you are lucky. There are six of these cards at once! Gamers are tearing their hair out with envy!

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