Minneapolis imposes curfew after riots

By | August 27, 2020
Minneapolis imposes curfew after riots

Authorities deny rumors of circumstances over the death of a black man who committed suicide while approaching police

The mayor of Minneapolis imposed a curfew and sought help from the National Guard after riots in the city center, which were accompanied by violence and looting of shops.

The unrest began after reports emerged of the suicide of a black murder suspect who authorities said contained misinformation.

Mayor Jacob Frey said details of the curfew, which took effect immediately, were still being worked out.

Frey stressed that efforts to strengthen the rule of law are an attempt to “play as ahead as possible.”

“We call for peace,” the mayor said. “We call for people to return to their homes.”

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo has dispelled rumors circulating on social media about the death of a black man suspected of murder and who later shot himself while approaching police.

Although the incident was recorded by surveillance cameras and was made public by the police within an hour and a half, it nevertheless led to protests and looting in the city center.

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