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Minsk and Moscow will respond to EU sanctions in a coordinated manner

Minsk and Moscow will respond to EU sanctions in a coordinated manner

Russia and Belarus have to respond to the EU sanctions and do it in a coordinated manner. This was announced today, November 23, by Deputy Foreign Minister Andrey Rudenko.
According to him, relations with the EU will be discussed in detail at a meeting of the panels of the Russian and Belarusian Foreign Ministries on November 25-26.

“It is important in the conditions of sanctions, which the European Union imposes against our countries. Moscow and Minsk have to respond to them and do it in a coordinated manner,” – said Rudenko.
At the same time, the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry recalled that Belarus has recently reduced the level of its participation in the program “Eastern Partnership” of the European Union to an expert.

“It is logical – real partners do not impose sanctions,” – said Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia.
In addition, Rudenko noted that “it is said that new sanctions are called for by the Belarusian opposition, which positions itself as a “protector” of the interests of ordinary people.

“Its leaders propose to disconnect Belarus from the system of interbank payments SWIFT, stop lending to public financial institutions, cancel the World Hockey Championship in Minsk in 2021. All these measures will hit the economy of the country, will affect the welfare of ordinary citizens, the authority of Belarus, “- he said.
Recall that in Belarus, mass opposition protests began on August 9, after the presidential election, which was won for the sixth time by Alexander Lukashenko. The opposition believes that Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won. In response to the suppression of protests, on October 2 the EU imposed individual sanctions against Belarusian officials. Totally 40 people fell under sanctions, including mostly law enforcers and representatives of election authorities of Belarus. Later the EU published the second sanctions list, which already included incumbent president Alexander Lukashenko.

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