Minsk residents complain about problems with the Internet

By | August 30, 2020
Minsk residents complain about problems with the Internet

Protesters of the March for Peace and Independence in Minsk report that they have problems with access to the Internet. Three operators are blocked at once.
Residents of the capital of Belarus report problems with the mobile Internet. Many subscribers had difficulty accessing the network at about 2:30 p.m., Telegram channel TUT reported. BY.

Internet blocking is seen by three operators – A1, MTS, and Life.

Users note that earlier during the actions against the falsification of the presidential elections there were similar problems – Internet portals either do not open at all or open with great delay.

“Not everyone can communicate in messengers,” the statement reads.

On Sunday, August 30, a protest march of peace and independence is taking place in Minsk. We wrote that in the center of the capital of Belarus began to detain participants of the event.

It was also reported that buses with riot policemen were pulled into the center of Minsk in the morning.

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