Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov lost control and “crashed” into the coast of Turkey

Missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov lost control and

Russian warship Marshal Ustinov was caught in an unpleasant incident off the coast of Turkey while passing the Bosphorus Strait. For some unknown reason, the cruiser allegedly lost control and crashed into coastal port facilities, after which it had to be taken in tow.

The incident is reported by FleetMon, a portal that monitors the movements of military and civilian vessels.

According to the source, the cruiser tried to moor at one of the berths, but due to difficult weather conditions (rain, strong wind and current) manners failed and the ship began to lose control. At the same time, after the cruiser began to tow to safety, it also collided with one of the tugs.

According to official Russian sources, the cruiser was heading to the shores of Syria, where it was supposed to strengthen the maritime part of the grouping of Russian troops in the region. Whether Marshal Ustinov eventually managed to reach the target sources do not say.