Moldovan President Maya Sandu has “animal fear”

Moldovan President Maya Sandu has

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has a “brutal fear” of taking charge of the country and is trying to force the ministers she previously criticized to stay in the government. This was written today, January 4, in social networks by Bogdan Tsirdia, a deputy of the Party of Socialists, calling the current situation “marasmus.”

“For a whole year, Sandu shouted that the government of Ion Kiku – they are either thieves or fools! She demanded them to pack their bags and get out immediately! She sacked the tractor drivers, the bus drivers, the restaurateurs! (At the farmers’ rallies, economic demands gave way to political ones.) They trampled flowerbeds, maimed policemen, broke bleachers, and arranged fistfights in the parliament! (The center-right MPs disrupted the session where the PSRM initiatives were considered.) And now the ministers have written their resignation, as Sandu had asked them to do. Now she is demanding that these ministers stay, otherwise it will be worse!
To confirm his words, he published Maya Sandu’s letter to Prime Minister Ion Kiku dated December 31, 2020. In this document, the president is trying to force the three ministers who left with the prime minister to stay in their positions until a new cabinet is formed. The parliamentarian noted that a person cannot be required to be an acting minister if he or she is not willing to do so.
Moldovan President Maya Sandu has "animal fear"

“Do you still think this madam is adequate? Sandu also has a beastly fear. She is afraid to take responsibility. And how she criticized the government!”, – concluded Bogdan Tsyrdya.
Let us remind you that the resignation of the government of Ion Kiku was announced on December 23. The day after the inauguration of Maia Sandu, after negotiations with the new head of state, Ion Kiku announced that he, as well as three government ministers – Minister of Health Viorka Dumbrevenu, Minister of Finance Sergey Pushkuta, and Minister of Economy Anatoliy Usatiy will perform their duties only until December 31, 2020. The other ministers will remain in their positions for the time being.

“The decision to resign the government was taken in order to organize early parliamentary elections as soon as possible. This parliament must be dissolved. I resigned in order to speed up the process of holding early elections,” said Ion Kiku.
Prior to that, Igor Dodon, then president of Moldova and leader of the Socialists, urged his successor to take responsibility for the new composition of the cabinet and even promised his support. However, he expressed doubt that Sandu would dare to take this step, since she does not have a clear plan of action, even for the short term.
Moldovan President Maya Sandu has "animal fear"

Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration (MFAEI) Aurelius Ciocoja was appointed to perform the duties of the head of government from the new year. He promised to inform the public about the planned actions of the government in the near future.

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As media reported earlier, the prime minister said he would not submit to pressure from the opposition in parliament and in the streets, demanding that he resign. At the December 16 session, Maia Sandu’s party Action and Solidarity, supported by the Dignity and Truth Platform and the Democratic Party, collected the necessary number of signatures to consider the issue of a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet of Ministers at a special session. The first attempt to do so was made on July 16, but the center-right failed to win enough votes.

After the resignation of the Prime Minister, a crisis of power arose in Moldova. Following consultations with her parliamentary rivals, Maia Sandu said that none of the parties represented in the Moldovan legislature “openly admits that they are part of the majority and can propose a new government,” but all factions said that they were in favor of early parliamentary elections. The president promised to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The PDS then asked the Constitutional Court of the Republic to clarify whether the parliament could dissolve itself by a two-thirds vote of the legislators.