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Moldovan Prosecutor General speaks of political pressure on justice

Moldovan Prosecutor General speaks of political pressure on justice

The pro-European politicians who came to power in Moldova put pressure on the prosecutor’s office. This statement was made at a briefing today, January 5, by Prosecutor General Alexander Stoianoglo. He was also supported by representatives of the Supreme Council and the Association of veterans of prosecution.

The head of the department noted that although the Moldovan constitution provides for the separation of powers, there have recently been a number of attacks by a number of political figures “in order to undermine the institutional independence of the prosecutor’s office.”

“An example of this is that politicians consider the investigation of cases to be wrong, based not on the norms of the law, but on their own idea of an acceptable resolution of certain cases. We had hoped that the days of politicians dictating justice were over. Pro-European forces, instead of supporting prosecutors, attack the prosecution system and undermine the credibility of justice,” said Alexander Stoianoglo.
According to him, it can be regarded as an attack on the entire state system of justice in the country. He reminded that justice is not done in the office of the president or deputies, justice is not done through social networks, but only in the courtroom on the basis of the presented evidence and fair decisions.

“The last election campaign made the prosecutor’s office the subject of polemics by candidates only in order to distract attention from their own failures in the economy, social sphere, and politics. One gets the impression that politicians have solved all of society’s problems, and that representatives of parliament and the president have become experts capable of replacing prosecutors. But society is waiting for improvements in the economy, medicine, education, infrastructure, entrepreneurship,” said the Attorney General.
In turn, he warned that the prosecutor’s office will not respond to political commands, not to report to politicians, and participate in political games. Stoianoglo announced that a copy of this public statement will be sent to the Venice Commission and other institutions of the Council of Europe and the European Union, the international association of prosecutors, as well as the diplomatic corps accredited in Chisinau, in order to bring to their attention the pressure of politicians.

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“The Prosecutor’s Office is ready to support all the initiatives of the new President to fight corruption, but only if they are in line with the Constitution”, Alexandru Stoianoglo concluded.
As the media reported earlier, in late December 2020, in an interview with the Russian edition of “Kommersant” the Prosecutor General of Moldova said that during the year of his tenure the agency has achieved fundamental results in high profile cases, ceasing to be a tool and instrument of politicians. He stressed that he was obliged to complete the mission he had started, regardless of whether the new President Maia Sandu liked him or not. He said that he does not intend to meet anyone’s expectations because they are often political declarations. The day before the head of state Maia Sandu had her first meeting as President with the Attorney General of Moldova. At its end, Sandu said that “she expressed her bewilderment and disappointment about some things”. She stressed that the Prosecutor’s Office and the judiciary system are in need of cleaning and she expects the help of honest people working there.

Recall that the process of appointing Alexander Stoianoglo as prosecutor general in 2019 met with active resistance from deputies of Maia Sandu’s Action and Solidarity Party. Later, during the presidential election campaign, Sandu demanded that law enforcement agencies and the Prosecutor General’s Office open criminal cases against the leadership of the Party of Socialists and her electoral rival Igor Dodon, then the president of Moldova.

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