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More than 100,000 cases of coronavirus in China

The beginning of this year, you will agree, was frightening: the conflict between the United States and Iran, shot down by Iranian air defense Ukrainian Boeing, natural disasters in Australia, the awakening of a volcano, the invasion of locusts in poor countries of Africa, and of course the emergence of a new coronavirus. We should understand now: how and why the whole world is cheating the Chinese authorities about the virus, and what do Russia and Putin think about it?

You probably already know that half a month ago in the big Chinese city of Wuhan appeared the first infected person coronavirus. Even then, Chinese health officials said the virus was not dangerous and there was no need to panic, although virologists had not yet encountered such a virus.

But it’s not really that good. The virus has got spread, every day fall ill new people, but that’s just not known exactly how much.
More than 100,000 cases of coronavirus in China
The authorities claimed that the number of infected, which is supposedly already limited from the usual population, does not exceed 2,000 people, but in order to believe that this is not true, and the Chinese authorities simply avoid riot ingest, there are two reasons.

The first is that many virologists and doctors who work in Wuhan with the sick, claim that the situation is really critical because the number of patients is already more than 100,000.

The second – in the health care of China themselves said that coronavirus – a mutation of snake flu, and it is very contagious.
More than 100,000 cases of coronavirus in China
A lot has already been done in Wuhan: two hospitals are being built forcibly, the construction period of which promises to be only a week, martial law has been imposed in the city and exit and entry is closed. But despite this, the virus has already begun to spread throughout China, and it is according to official data got to Asian countries, the United States, Europe and even Russia through airports. Today, Xi Jinping himself is forced to admit that the coronavirus spreads everything with greater speed and the situation is really difficult.

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What about Russia? Officially started: sick tourists from China have already been hospitalized in such cities as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg, etc. This gives me the right to say that the virus has appeared in Russia, but our authorities do not want to see it at point-blank range and do not take any measures. There was an idea to close the borders and transport links with China, but Vladimir Putin rejected it.
More than 100,000 cases of coronavirus in China

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