More than 2,000 embryos found in doctor’s home in U.S.

By | February 13, 2020
More than 2,000 embryos found in doctor's home in U.S.

The man owned three abortion clinics. He kept the embryos in his garage.
More than two thousand human embryos have been found in the home of an American doctor. This is reported by CNN.

The incident occurred in Will County, Illinois. A doctor named Ulrich Klopfer owned three abortion clinics in the United States. The man had broken the law before, so he was deprived of his medical license in 2015.

When the doctor died on September 3, 2019, his family began to dismantle the deceased’s belongings. They found 2,411 embryos in the garage and trunk of the car.

All of them were handed over to the police, who investigated. There is no evidence that Klopfer had an abortion at home.

The embryos found were sealed in plastic bags. After an investigation, all the unborn children were buried.

Earlier it was reported that the psycho electrocuted women, posing as a doctor. The correspondent also wrote that Yakut froze to death on the way to the funeral of the frozen to death.

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