More than 640 civilians found mass grave in Iraq

More than 640 civilians found mass grave in Iraq

All of those killed may be members of the al-Muhamda tribe who went missing in 2016.
In Iraq, a mass gravesite for 643 civilians has been discovered near the city of Fallujah. This was reported by Al Arabiya. The mass grave site of 2016 was found in Iraq with the remains of 643 civilians, who are considered victims of the massacre in Saklawia, five kilometers north of Fallujah, – said in a statement.

According to sources in the Department of Forensic Medicine in Ramadi, skulls, human bones, remnants of clothing, including baby clothes, traces of handcuffs and bullets indicate that a mass killing of civilians took place at the site.

According to the interlocutor, all the dead may be members of the al-Muhamda tribe, who went missing in 2016.

It is noted that in the same year, the Iraqi army and Iranian-backed armed security forces liberated Fallujah and its environs from Islamic State terrorists. However, the terrorists did not control the area where the tribe lived. It is believed that ethnic cleansing may have been carried out by the Iraqi People’s Militia (PMU)

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Earlier, the largest mass grave was found in Iraq near Mosul. The bodies of four thousand people were found in a huge crater in the half-area.

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