More than 80 years without food and water? Mysterious yogi dies in India

More than 80 years without food and water? Mysterious yogi dies in India

In India, the mysterious yogi Prahlad Jani died, who divided the scientists into two camps. The man claimed that he had not eaten or drunk anything for more than 80 years. Repeated studies by experts have confirmed this, but other doctors criticized these checks.

In India, the yogi Prahlad Jani died, known for the fact that he, as he assures himself, did not eat or drink for more than 80 years. This was reported by the Yugal Sarkar Foundation on its Twitter page.

The man died at the age of 90. Seven years old, he left his native village and began to live in the jungle, where he soon completely abandoned food and water.

At the age of 12, Jani, according to him, opened a spiritual revelation, and he became a servant of the cult of the goddess Kali. Then he put on a red female sari, which nourished him with energy, replacing food and water.

As previously reported by the media, doctors, and scientists have repeatedly studied yoga, in particular, in 2003 and in 2010. The man was isolated for 10 days and watched him. It was alleged that he really did not eat anything and did not go to the toilet.

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Some experts, however, noticed that Jani sometimes went out to meet with visitors, and at least gargled with water. They emphasized that the control of yoga by the staff was inadequate.