Moscow authorities will oblige to shave the beards of all men in the capital

By | May 15, 2020
Moscow authorities will oblige to shave the beards of all men in the capital

Moscow City Duma adopted amendments to the law establishing administrative liability for failure to comply with isolation and other requirements of high alert. From May 15, the document obliges all Muscovites male shave hair on your face, so she helped the spread of coronavirus.

“As it became known, the coronavirus is transmitted through the hair, but if the hair top of the head is relatively safe, the greatest danger wears a mustache and beard. Particles fall faster in the lining, wearing masks and gloves in this case, it loses its effect. Method shaving beards as the epidemic is not new, and successfully tested in the history of Peter the Great. Statistics show that as soon as beard shaved off, the number of infections and epidemics in Russia multiple has decreased,” — said the Chairman of the Commission on security, sport, and youth policy Cyril Shitov.

The deputies decided to add to the duties of law enforcement, in addition to checking of documents and the availability of personal protective equipment, oversee the bristles of the Muscovites. For these purposes, they will be equipped with special devices — electronic see no more. In case of deviation from the norm, citizens will be recognized as the violators of self-imposed isolation. In relation to their administrative responsibility in the form of an administrative fine in the amount of 4 thousand rubles for the first violation and 5 thousand for repeated.

The ban on the wearing of beards is of unlimited duration and will be canceled by the special order of the mayor after completion of quarantine measures.

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