According to Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, the United States is pursuing a “policy of provoking war” with Iran, increasing “political, psychological, economic and military pressure”the United States is deliberately provoking a war with Iran. This accusation was thrown today in Moscow in the face of Washington by Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who oversees relations with the United States. The Deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry stated: “We have seen for a long time continuous attempts by the United States to increase political, psychological, economic and military pressure on Iran.” Calling these actions “provocative”, Ryabkov concluded that the United States is conducting a “conscious policy of provoking war.”

Not very much, it seems, believing that this call will work, a high-ranking Russian diplomat suggested that the United States refrain from further strengthening its military group in the region “and from other steps, including dragging, pushing allies in different parts of the world to increase pressure on Iran.” According to Ryabkov, “it goes to the fact that the grouping of us forces and means in the region will be further increased,” and this causes Moscow “serious concern.”

It is not necessary to have high analytical skills and a degree of awareness of the Deputy head of the Russian Foreign Ministry to come to the same conclusions: Washington is preparing a war with Iran. At least a powerful blow. The goal is to provoke Tehran’s response, especially against Israel, to demand under this pretext from the rest of the world to break all economic ties with Iran, completely burying the Joint comprehensive plan of action on the Iranian nuclear program (JCPOA), to turn the life of the rebellious Iranian people into hell. To do this, the US has already begun to collect it’s land, sea and air forces, air defense in the region, where they will be supported by a number of Sunni countries, led by Iran’s main rival in the Muslim world – Saudi Arabia. The conflict with Iran is very necessary for domestic political purposes as we President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The latter will have early elections on September 17, which without a conflict with Iran, Bibi is likely to lose this time.

With cash in the region, the US forces will never dare to challenge Iran – a large, well-armed, with brave soldiers and hardy people of the regional power. But if the Americans continue to concentrate their armed forces, then the war with Iran is really a very serious threat, and therefore Moscow, which has friendly relations with this country and allies with it in Syria, and began to sound the alarm.
War with Iran will begin with a provocation
It is possible to guess what consequences the war prepared by Washington will lead to, what will be its course and outcome. However, from the very beginning, it is absolutely clear where it will begin – with provocation. Rough staging of attacks allegedly Iranians, fires and sinking of foreign tankers in the Gulf of Oman, in the involvement of Iran do not believe even the closest us allies like Japan and Germany – this is only the beginning, preparing for provocations more subtle and convincing.

For the US, this is not unusual, because their entire history is one big endless provocation. Americans generally love provocations and give them symbolic meaning. For example, one of the two missile attacks on Syria under the fake pretext of staging a chemical attack “animal Assad” against his own people was timed by US President Donald Trump to the 100th anniversary of the first world war and to negotiations with Chinese leader XI Jinping, who wanted to make the right impression. But let’s start again.

Provocations, provocations…
Formally and in words, the US is always on the side of truth and goodness, and the Americans as people do in the most part fair and decent people. However, again, the provocation is the core of the entire American and us-related world history. Even before the United States gained independence and British colonists in North America became citizens of the new state, the famous “Boston tea party”took place. American separatists dressed as Indians painted themselves in the traditions of the red faces and then threw in December 1773 in Boston in the water from the moored in its port three British ships 342 box of tea. This provocative and Mercantile action launched the mechanism of the American revolution, which, with the help of France, which sent its troops to help them, and Russia, which refused to send an army to help Britain suppress the rebels, led to the emergence of a new state on the political map of the world.

The expansion of the United States as a result of the “Indian wars” was accompanied by constant provocations: one tribe incited to another, rebellious Indians threw blankets infected with plague or smallpox, they were supplied with “fire water”, which they could not drink without serious consequences, deprived of food by shooting tens of millions of bison. Practiced and video massacre. The indigenous genocide was justified by the fact that the Redskins, who did not have civil rights 100 years ago and were imprisoned in the reservation, “prevented free trade”. Mexico, which had twice as much territory in the past as it does now, was also halved, thanks in large part to North American provocations, which revolved around threats to the lives of American citizens or settlers, often fictional. The history of Texas and California as part of the United States is the story of a victorious hybrid war.

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The most important provocations
Since there were many, many provocations, let us focus only on the most important of them. In February 1898, in the Bay of Havana mysteriously exploded extremely unsuccessful in its design, which was a burden for us Navy battleship “Maine”. He was sent there allegedly for moral support of the rebels with the support of the United States against Spain Cuban rebels. But in fact, in order to become an occasion for the Spanish-American war. As a result of the explosion of the ship killed 266 sailors, who were not sorry, the officers – were not injured.

Obedient to their ruling circles, the American media immediately accused the Spaniards of the explosion – in exactly the same manner as Washington is now accusing Iran of attacks on tankers. Soon, between the two countries in the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean was already a war for which the United States is well prepared in advance. Americans with ease and almost without losses took away from decrepit Spain Puerto Rico, Cuba, Philippines, GUAM, having annexed undercover and Hawaii. Much later when the wreckage of the “Maine” was raised to the surface and investigated, it was found that the ship was lost from a very timely incident an internal explosion, but the truth is, when it was done, it was already useless.
First world war
The ruling circles of the United States took an active behind-the-scenes part in the preparation and organization of the First world war (1914-1918), in order to establish its power over the world, eliminating competitors. Since America is a “democracy,” its people had to be forced to support the machinations of the ruling class, and Congress – to authorize the country’s entry into the world massacre. To do this, a joint us-British provocation was used with the sinking of the Lusitania liner. It was supervised by the first Lord of the Admiralty Sir Winston Churchill and Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin Roosevelt, who found a common language even then. Turned into a powder magazine liner that carried in the holds in the midst of the war in Britain from the United States – with passengers as hostages – military materials and for this reason was the legitimate goal of German submariners, went to the bottom of one torpedo for 18 minutes, killing 1,197 people, including 128 Americans.

The American public did not understand that the British ship actually died from the detonation of explosives in its holds, which formally the neutral USA supplied Britain, and was furious. The result of this setup was the termination of Germany brought her success total underwater war. And when Berlin was later forced to resume it, America, which was in full readiness for this in military, economic and financial relations, entered the Great war to avenge the “Lusitania”.

Unspeakably enriched during the great war and fully pay off the debts of the United States turned out, but to subjugate old Europe and get the markets of its colonies – no. Therefore, since the early 1920s, the United States began to prepare a new world massacre, first gradually, pretending to be offended by ungrateful Europe and fell into “isolationism”. This was done by unprecedented economic assistance aimed at creating a global Communist Empire of the USSR, encouraging German revanchism and Japanese militarism. It worked. In Asia since 1937, in Europe – since 1939, the war began, which became a world war. As a result, America quickly emerged from the great depression, becoming the “Arsenal of democracy”, which flowed the gold of the world. To join the Second world war, the Americans needed only an excuse. And it was, as always, a provocation.

Second world war