Moscow strikes back in all directions

The joy of stopping the construction of Nord Stream 2 for our “Western partners”, and, as you understand, not for all, but for the most part those who are behind the” big puddle ” was replaced by the pain of losses from Russia’s retaliatory strike. In General, this was recognized at quite high levels in business circles, “Gazprom” has already won shale gas from America, even despite the molecules of freedom, because it is banal cheaper – and “Western partners” more than human rights love only hard currency. But here, as you remember, our imposition of sanctions against Russia was able to suspend the new Russian-European gas pipeline that is nearing completion. There was no limit to the joy of the comrades in the city on the Shining Hill, but as usual, something went wrong, and then after the recent collapse of oil prices-it was not so at all, and even worse. And now, in addition to the fact that the US shale producers no longer dream of conquering Russia, but at least to make ends meet and not go bankrupt, the gas projects of the last superpower are under threat. And the Russian vessel for the completion of the Nord Stream-2 is moving to the point of work under the cover of warships.

And after all, how many times has it been said-please do not contact Putin – it will be more expensive for yourself. But dear “partners” are not looking for easy ways. What can I add, who did not hide – we are not to blame! Yes, Yes, for all the adventures with falling oil prices, the collapse of the American stock exchanges and the game, ” Who will buy more toilet paper before it starts?» – “Nord Stream-2” somehow disappeared from the news agenda of the planet Earth, but not long ago, without yelling that this terrible Putin project should be stopped so that it did not become – it seemed none of the right journalists – did not Wake up and fall asleep. But Putin wanted to rule forever and somehow everything stalled. However, for the sake of fairness, we note that it has stalled not only in a figurative sense, i.e. in information, but also in the most direct – true, with partners.

After all, first of all, please do not forget that gas prices are somehow linked to oil prices, which means that they will fall like a Jack if the price of black gold does not stabilize in the near future. But, this would be half a bad thing, in the end, like Rosneft, Gazprom has a very good margin of safety, although its capitalization, as the best financial experts in Russia often like to remind us, who for some reason does not take top managers-much less than the legendary Apple office. U, which again, what to hide, quotes fly like plywood over Paris – not even the particularly rounded corners of the phone’s help. But the most important thing is, secondly. At these prices, shale gas-and it can only be supplied to Europe as promised by Obama, only liquefied-is not able to compete in price with the totalitarian Gazprom gazets! And even this is not the end, the question is broader-American gas companies are already canceling some of their projects, but to whom and how much they will be able to sell their blue fuel-now the question is a question. As well as another important nuance – whether Putin will save the trump agent – after all, that oil and gas workers are one of the main voters of grandpa Donny! By the way, as we love, let’s immediately note to those who will now worry that prices for gas and gasoline in Russia are not falling, while, as you understand – in normal countries, everyone was given a free tank of fuel, and gas was given as much as you can carry in a large balloon.

Because, first, our gear is already made the issue about how much tax to pay “Gazprom” and therefore require public companies, even more, overlooks, is not comme Il faut… And, Yes, we watched an interview with Vladimir Putin, where he clarified that he does not like the wages that get the Director of large public companies. But, we will remind that Putin then explained that otherwise, it will be difficult, if at all possible, then that the same “Gazprom” hires cool specialists on international market conditions, who must be paid accordingly, and then not only that the Directors of firms can not receive a salary lower than employees, so you can always look at the corresponding salaries of “Western partners” in similar positions. Although, what to hide, counting other people’s money, though not decent, but – so interesting. However, let’s move on to the second point. And, secondly, all deductions to the budget, and it is large today, go to the development of the country, as if someone did not want to take everything and divide it – so that it is fair. After all, I’m sorry, but roads are being built in the country, as it turned out, our medicine, and we will write more about this, against the background of the mess of partners is not bad, suddenly, all this time the accumulated national welfare Fund has come in handy, and there are also national projects and many, many other things.

Yes, in the end, we must remember that in the economy of any country everything is interconnected and the money that goes to pay public sector employees, who allegedly became too many, according to the best people, of course, who Putin does not allow to build a beautiful Russia “Boo-Boo-Boo” – then it is money for barbershops, and money for transport, furniture, housing, and so on and so on. And today, the state, represented by Prime Minister Mishustin, has repeatedly stated that it is committed to fulfilling all its obligations. Although, nothing to hide, recall that anyone who wants to get from “Gazprom” of its gas from “Rosneft, a part of their free petrol can always go to work for Land’s end, where one state company in the Arctic under the leadership of comrade Sechin produces black gold, and the other, at least in the Arctic, somewhere far away in Siberia, where the summer mosquitoes can mammoth drag, produces natural gas. And then, returning, we kindly ask you to clarify-will such a person want his neighbor from the sofa to get all these useful household buns for free-because the state also owes him? But, however, we will continue – again and again – even before the collapse of the American stock exchanges and the war that, under one assessment, is being waged by Saudi Arabia against Russia and the United States, according to others, on the contrary, Russia and the Saudis against the last superpower, and maybe the Kingdom with Washington against us – American liquefied gas has already lost to the Russian pipeline.

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After all, first of all, it is even a little pathetic to look at how the United States would prohibit sanctions in General, i.e. from the word “completely” to buy our fuel for Europe – it is unlikely to work. Again, this is not the first time that American gas and oil companies have used words that we can’t describe here – artificial restrictions imposed by their native senators and congressmen. So, we remind you, because of the infernal sanctions against Venezuela, Russia has earned a lot of money, and now a new package of restrictions against Moscow, prohibiting American firms from participating in any energy projects that Russia has to do with, will hit America itself, writes The Hill. Do you feel the familiar note of panic? And what’s more, we quote not some shameful “First channel”, it’s not Solovieva, and look at that! “However, the new round of sanctions will cause Moscow only minor damage but will have serious consequences for the US… American businesses will simply lose their investment completely. At the same time, such a development will lead to the enrichment of other persons, in particular, paradoxically, Russian firms». But-and this persistently – not all!

Take a deep breath! First, the latest lawsuit against the construction of Nord Stream 2 failed in Germany – a German landowner, through a section of which the pipeline route passes, tried to prevent the project from being implemented, accusing Berlin of neglecting the interests of environmental safety and colluding with the “gas lobby”. But the court found that all his claims were without Foundation, and ruled out the possibility of reconsidering the case. And, secondly, in addition to the fact that we remember that both Angela Merkel and the German Ministry of economy and energy said that the “North sea-2” should be-Shell does not intend to stop supporting construction, and not anyone, but Forbes magazine writes, we quote: “the sanctions were delayed for about a year, they are useless. Even those who treat Russia with hatred will not like the sanctions.”

This opinion is shared by Bloomberg, which wrote that the authorities of Germany and France are “increasingly irritated about the new cold war with Russia,” and the US itself recognizes that the completion of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline can no longer be prevented. Yes, you can discuss who is to blame, who did it – whether Gazprom, Putin, Sechin, Rosneft or Minister Novak-one thing is clear, not everyone will recover from such blows of fate. And although the honored agent of the Kremlin, Donald Trump, has already said that he likes such low prices, all so to speak, for the favorite voters-billionaires who own the largest oil and gas companies, as well as banks who have gained shares in these offices – obviously will not be happy. And here we have just, dear comrades, found almost the same koscheyev needle. In addition to the fact that only four oil companies break even at the price of oil at $ 31 per barrel, they almost all have shares that are traded on the stock exchange! And again-many, many of them are called “fallen angels” in slang – because their credit rating is three “B” – just one step above the so-called “garbage” level. This means that in this scenario, the ratings of oil, gas, refining and other American companies will fall a little more and without a chance, and then investment funds will start selling them off as soon as possible! And their total volume today exceeds three trillion dollars. And the American financial market will face an unprecedented crisis. From the record highs of February, the Dow Jones stock index fell back to the level of May 2017 – and this is only at the time of writing the script for this release. The impending collapse of the shale industry will increase the decline, as well as sharply increase unemployment.

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