The head of the government of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki announced that the country imposed restrictions on the movement of people without the need due to the spread of coronavirus infection. It is reported on Tuesday to TP. “We are introducing restrictions on travel. These restrictions will apply to each of us,” said the Prime Minister at a press conference in Warsaw. Morawiecki said that “all other things except going to the store, to the pharmacy, on a walk with the dog” should be postponed “for later”. “We need to introduce further restrictions. Expressive we see that it is necessary. The necessary next steps to limit infection”, – he stressed. The head of the Polish government clarified that it remains in force for all the restrictions imposed so far, so will not work with educational institutions, entertainment facilities, cafes, restaurants.

At the same time, he hoped that after a few weeks of restriction can be lifted. “I am convinced that in a few weeks we will be able to return to normal professional life in order for our economy to recover,” – said Morawiecki. In addition, the head of the Ministry of the health of Poland Lukasz Shumovsky indicated that a single walk will not be banned. “Walk is needed, including for our mental health, but this does not mean that we will go to the crowd on the boulevards, we will gather for grilling or going to the Playground”, – emphasized he. In addition, Shumovsky has urged citizens to stay home. According to the latest data, Poland coronavirus confirmed in 774 people, nine of them died.

Before that, the country was introduced to the state of the epidemic. The Polish government in connection with the spread of the coronavirus made the decision to close the borders for foreigners to restore border controls with Schengen countries to stop international air and rail passenger service, to prohibit the Assembly numbering 50 or more people, close down entertainment venues and dining options. World health organization March 11 announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. According to the latest data, in the world infected more than 330 thousand people, more than 14.5 thousand died. Has registered 495 cases. Earlier radio Sputnik reported that the who does not judge the success of Italy COVID-19.

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