Mueller accused the U.S. attorney General of “incomplete” presentation of the report on the “Russian case»

Washington, May 1. Us special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is dissatisfied with how attorney General, justice Minister William Barr outlined the main points of his report on the results of the investigation on “Russian interference” in us elections in 2016. The Washington Post provides relevant information.

Mueller sent Barra a letter highly critical of the content. In it, he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that his report was edited, because of which part of the data was hidden from the General public. According to the Special Prosecutor, in his main conclusion Barr “failed to reflect fully the content, nature and context” of the investigation.

“In society, there was confusion about the critical aspects of the results of our investigation – quoted by the Washington Post letter Muller. — This threatens to undermine the main purpose for which the Ministry has appointed a Special Prosecutor: to ensure full public confidence in the results of the investigation.”

Earlier, Barr and his first Deputy Rod Rosenstein concluded that the report prepared by Mueller did not reveal any actions on the part of Donald Trump, which could be considered a crime.

Muller writes in a letter to Barr that the process of removing confidential information from his report “should not have resulted in delays in publishing the results of the investigation.” In this regard, the special Prosecutor insists on the publication of the full version of the report, which, in his opinion, will smooth out the misunderstandings, as well as give answers to questions from the public and the American Congress regarding the results and nature of the investigation. The Washington Post writes that after receiving Muller’s letter, representatives of the Ministry of justice were puzzled.

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“It came as a surprise to them that he has such fears,” the newspaper reports.

The Washington Post, citing sources in the Ministry of justice, writes that Mueller and Barr have already had a telephone conversation. In it, the special Prosecutor expressed concern that news coverage of the obstruction investigation (justice) created a public misunderstanding about the work of Muller’s office. The Special Prosecutor, as the Washington Post notes, “forced Barr” to publish annotations to both parts of the report. The Prosecutor General, in turn, stressed that he does not intend to publish the report in parts.

In a telephone conversation, the special Prosecutor also said that, despite the incorrect, in his opinion, the interpretation in the media Barr set out the key points of the investigation, he does not consider his conclusions inaccurate or misleading.

We will remind, prepared by the Mueller report has 448 pages. The “investigation” involved 40 FBI agents, 19 investigators, and other members of the intelligence community. 500 witnesses were interviewed. As a result, Trump’s “collusion” with Russia, about which a number of media wrote since 2016, has not been confirmed. It is worth noting that all the activities of Mueller, which lasted almost two years, cost American taxpayers $ 35 million.

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A few days ago, the first Deputy justice Minister and U.S. Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sent a letter to Trump asking him to accept his resignation. This happened immediately after the Russian company “Concord” demanded to prosecute the patron of Rosenstein — Barr, as well as the infamous Muller.

Donald Trump and his aides have repeatedly denied suspicions of any illegal contacts with Russian officials during the election campaign. The Russian side initially rejected all accusations of alleged “interference”. As stated earlier by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, the current situation in the United States is an indicator of the internal crisis of the political system. According to the Press Secretary of the head of state Dmitry Peskov, Russia still does not accept such accusations, and the report of the Special Prosecutor does not contain reasoned evidence of “Russian interference” in the American elections.