Musician Ronald Bell died

By | September 10, 2020
Musician Ronald Bell died

The co-founder of the American soul band Kool & the Gang died at the age of 69. The team has twice received a Grammy award.
The American musician, composer, and one of the founders of Kool & the Gang soul band Ronald Bell died. The BBC writes about this with reference to the message of the musician’s wife.

The man died at the age of 68 years in his own house in the American Virgin Islands. The cause of the musician’s death is still unknown.

Founded in 1964 by brothers Robert and Ronald, as well as other musicians Kool & the Gang soul band existed for over 50 years. The band has released more than 20 records and twice received a Grammy Award.

The songs of the band were used in Rocky and Pulp Fiction films.

Earlier it was reported that the legend of electronic music Simeon Cox died. TP also wrote that the American singer Bruce Williamson died of COVID-19.