Musk and presenter Jay Leno's Garage ride a tunnel through Cybertruck

Musk and presenter Jay Leno’s Garage ride a tunnel through Cybertruck

The hype around the Cybertruck SUV began to subside, but Elon Musk is not one of those who allow being forgotten. The head of Tesla suddenly appeared his brainchild on the television show Jay Leno’s Garage. He also demonstrated underground tunnels. But the highlight of the program was Cybertruck.

First, presenter Jay Leno praised the design and practicality of the electric SUV. In particular, he examined in detail the capabilities of the luggage compartment. And Musk, proving how strong the structure, suddenly climbed onto it. Indeed, the metal did not even bend.

Then the company moved towards the tunnel. On the way, the host of the show and Ilon chatted about this and that. Musk said that in the future when the SUV will be launched in a series, it will not lose its armored properties. However, the dimensions of the mask seem excessive and he has the idea of ​​making serial samples 5% smaller so that the car can fit in a regular garage.

During the conversation, a car driven by Leno drove into the tunnel. An electric car drove through it without any problems. Then, using a lift, the car was raised to the surface. It is assumed that production models of Cybertruck will appear no later than the end of 2021 with a price tag of $ 39,990.

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