Mysterious recurring cosmic signal discovered

The radio burst lasts only a few milliseconds, but a huge amount of energy is released about it.
At the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, scientists have spotted mysterious radio bursts. This is reported by the publication Science Alert.

Mysterious and almost imperceptible cosmic signals FRB 171019 were recorded among rapid radio bursts. Initially, astronomers spent about 12,000 hours searching for repeated rapid bursts.

After the failures, scientists switched to space exploration using green Bank radio telescopes in the US and the Parks Observatory in Australia.

Two weak signals were detected in Green Bank. This proves that repetitive radio bursts are more common than previously thought. It turned out that many of the single short bursts are repetitive. Previously, they were outside the range of tools used

The FRB 171019 detected is 590 times weaker than the previously recorded ASKAP burst. At the same time, it lasts only a few milliseconds and throws out into outer space as much energy as the Sun emits for tens of thousands of years. The origin of these spikes is unknown. Ona and theories is the activity of alien civilizations.

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Previously, a mysterious object brighter than a million Suns was discovered. The Correspondent also wrote that the strongest signal in history from space was recorded.