Named a new cause of death for a black man in Minneapolis

Named a new cause of death for a black man in Minneapolis

An autopsy revealed that the death of black George Floyd came as a result of suffocation from exerting strong pressure from the police. The lawyer of the family of the deceased Benjamin Cramp said this in his Twitter account.

World-renowned forensic experts Michael Baden and Alisha Wilson found that Floyd died due to suffocation from pressure on the neck and spine. This led to insufficient blood flow to the brain. Thus, they concluded that it was a murder.

“There is a widespread misconception among policy that if you can talk, you can breathe. This is not so, ”said Baden.
Earlier, forensic experts at Hennepin County in Minnesota announced the results of Floyd’s official autopsy, according to which he died not from asphyxiation, but from ischemia, hypertension and intoxication. Kramp noted that their report did not even talk about the deliberate use of force by the police, one of which strangled the man for at least eight minutes.

Protests involving riots, vandalism, and police attacks spanned dozens of US cities. The reason for them was the death of the blackguard George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota), who died after a gross arrest. During the clashes, two policemen received gunshot wounds, one of whom died. U.S. authorities say any skirmishes with the police or threats to law enforcement agencies are considered acts of internal terrorism

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