Named areas where it is easiest to become billionaires

By | May 27, 2020
Named areas where it is easiest to become billionaires

Analysts called the areas where it is easiest to get rich. Most wealthy earned their money in finance.
Researchers at Wealth-X ranked the areas in which it is easiest to make a fortune and become a billionaire.

Specialists analyzed a database of millionaires with a fortune of more than five million dollars to find out how and where they earned their money.

So, the leader is the financial and banking sector (30% of the rich). In the second place is the services sector (16%), in the third-place, are non-profit and public organizations (7%).

Further, the ranking of business segments where you can earn millions looks like this:

Real estate (5.4% of wealthy people)
Health (4.9%)
Technology (4.7%)
Production (4.1%)
Hotel business and entertainment (4.1%)
Construction and manufacturing of machinery (3.9%)
Food and drink (3.8%)
According to analysts, the most favorable for business countries – the United States and China. Experts also predict that in the future, entrepreneurs will begin to grow rich at a younger age, and the proportion of wealthy women in the world will only grow.

As previously reported, the richest people in the world have become even richer in time. Their fortunes grew by $ 255 billion.

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