Named “useful” products that are actually dangerous to eat

By | August 23, 2020

Executive Director of the Research Center “Healthy Nutrition” and nutritionist Sinaida Medvedeva told Komsomolskaya Pravda that foods are mistakenly considered useful and can harm the body.
The expert noted that many people perceive advertised protein bars almost as a medicine, but their composition leaves much to be desired. In such snacks add ultra-processed cereal cereals, a large amount of sugar, or its substitutes. At the same time, the labels often say only that the composition has dried berries, nuts or seeds. Because of the high sugar content and fast-digestible carbohydrates, bars will not be suitable for adherents of a healthy diet. The person who ate the bar receives energy quickly, but also quickly loses it,” the interviewer said, adding that even the presence of protein does not make this product useful.
Do not get carried away and sports drinks with vitamins. They contain a lot of glucose and fructose and are no better than Coke. According to Medvedeva, excessive fructose intake can lead to bowel problems and even cancer. Replace such drinks can be regular water.
It is useful to exclude from your diet and yogurts with fillers: such products contain almost no fruit.
“They put fillers, sweet additives, and puree, which is obtained from a highly processed product, which contains a lot of sugar,” the nutritionist said. This applies to meat products obtained through any treatment: salting, jerking, preservation, fermentation. Consumption of sausages, sausages, sausages, smoked meats is associated with the risk of colorectal cancer.
“Ordinary meat, which we buy and fry or bake on fire, in terms of carcinogenicity, is harmful almost as much,” the article says.
Moreover, red meat cooked at high temperatures contributes to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure.
For those who cannot refuse this product, Medvedeva advised us to use it no more than once a week. If you cook at a lower temperature, up to 70 degrees, the number of carcinogens is also reduced.
The nutritionist stressed that it is important to limit the consumption of butter: to eat no more than ten grams a day.
And then you can benefit greatly from this product. It’s rich in vitamin E, useful short-chain fats,” she said.
Exceeding the daily intake of this product is fraught with increased cholesterol, which impairs the work of the heart and blood vessels, disrupts the blood supply to the entire body, and can lead to heart attack and stroke.

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