NASA prepares an attack on asteroids near Earth

How many times have you seen in the history of the movies that the Earth is threatened by an asteroid impact and the characters go into space to save the world, altering its trajectory? Probably more than once. The problem is that the situation described in the movie can happen in real life. If “on the horizon” will be an asteroid threatening the Earth, the time for preparation mission, may or may not be.

The American space Agency NASA decided not to tempt fate. There already are busy preparing the space ship, able to do what is so vividly described in cyanobacteria. Of course, it is understood that it is only a test mission that will allow us to understand how assumptions about the possibility of asteroid impacts on artificially are unfounded.

As the target was chosen very small (by space standards) binary system Didymos consists of two asteroids in different sizes. The first is 780 meters in diameter, and the second is just 160 meters away. The latter, the Didymos B and will be the goal of the DART space mission, the launch of which is scheduled for DART on 22 Jul 2021. It is assumed that the ship will produce a kinetic impact, can make a celestial body to change direction.

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The collision of the ship and of the asteroid will occur at approximately 11 000 000 from the earth and is scheduled for September 22, 2021. For vehicles, traffic will be applied to own development NASA — ion engine of great power, consisting of a powerful processor and system responsible for the taxiing. While it exists only on paper, but soon started his test.

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