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NASA warned of imminent “asteroid rain”

This week, four asteroids will come close to Earth, NASA experts said this, reports the Planeta Novosti portal.
According to American experts, on March 26, at 10.52 at a speed of 85,295 km per hour, an asteroid 2012 XA133, with a diameter of 390 meters, will approach a distance of 6,598,310 km.
This coming Thursday, but already at 19.39, at a speed of 33,796 km per hour to Earth at a distance of 5,632,704 km, a 39-meter space object 2020 PF is suitable.
A new wave of “asteroid rain” is expected on March 28 at 8.13, when the celestial body 2020 FE2 with a diameter of 45 meters. The spacecraft will travel at a speed of 25,749 km per hour and will approach the Earth at a distance of 1,609,344 km.
Then, on March 29, at 14.19, a 71-meter asteroid 2020 GD35 will pass near our planet. The speed of this space giant will be moving at a speed of 43,452 km per hour and will approach our planet at a distance of 5,793,638 km. Scientists emphasize that a random change in the trajectory of any of the asteroids can lead to a collision with the Earth and tragic consequences for humanity, especially if it will be the asteroid 2012 XA133 with a diameter of 390 meters.

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