NATO Council calls Russia a threat

NATO Council calls Russia a threat

The NATO Council at the level of foreign ministers, following the results of the first day of work, stated that Russia is among the modern challenges that pose a threat to the alliance, writes TOPNEWS
“Russia’s aggressive actions pose a threat to Euro-Atlantic security; terrorism in all its forms and manifestations remains a permanent threat to all of us. Authoritarian regimes challenge a rule-based world order, including hybrid and cyber threats, the malicious use of new technologies, ”the statement said.

According to the Council, only cooperation within the framework of the transatlantic alliance will allow countries to remain safe. At the same time, NATO remains a defensive alliance.

“In response to a more dangerous and unpredictable security environment, we are significantly strengthening NATO’s deterrence and defense capabilities and resilience,” the statement said.

According to the document, at the upcoming NATO summit, the main agenda will be the development of a new strategic concept that takes into account all modern security threats.

Earlier, the NATO Secretary-General told how the alliance treats Russia.

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