NATO experts unveiled a plan to take over the Kaliningrad region | TOP-NEWS
NATO experts unveiled a plan to take over the Kaliningrad region

NATO experts unveiled a plan to take over the Kaliningrad region

It became known the scenario of a preventive strike of the North Atlantic Alliance in the Kaliningrad region. Its purpose, according to NATO itself, is to “provide security in the Baltics”.

The details of this military plan can be found in the publication of the American Center for Naval Analyses.

A significant role in the operation is assigned to the Polish army, which must neutralize the Russian Iskander ballistic missiles in order to prevent Moscow from waging a “limited nuclear war”. It is suggested to use the experience of liquidation of R-17 launchers during the war in the Persian Gulf to destroy them.

Besides, experts named the damage to the Baltic Navy, defeat and destruction of the grouping of Russian troops in Kaliningrad as well as the elimination of anti-aircraft missile systems S-400 “Triumf” located in the region as a purpose of the surprise attack.

The latter is considered a top priority because these SAMs are a key obstacle to capturing the Kaliningrad region. They cover most of Poland’s airspace and threaten any NATO air support.

So far, NATO analysts have no clear solution to this “problem,” but according to them, the Polish Air Force is “working on it.” The WR-40 Langusta MLRS is proposed as one of the options. Reconnaissance and targeting is supposed to be carried out by drones.

Once these tasks have been solved, the group of the alliance concentrated near the border should go on the offensive and capture the Kaliningrad region.

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“The forces assembled on the Russian border must cross a densely forested area full of lakes,” the article says.
The factors of “NATO victory” in a possible conflict are called “speed and surprise. At the same time, the authors of the article hope that full-scale war is “extremely unlikely.

In other words, NATO military experts are for some reason sure that after losing the Kaliningrad region, Russia will accept this and will calmly wait for the enemy forces to capture St. Petersburg next time.

There is no doubt that the Alliance has similar plans with regard to the Russian Crimea, as evidenced by its increased activity in the Black Sea region.

As the media reported, the day before, the US Navy destroyers Porter and Donald Cook conducted another exercise in the Black Sea. NATO AWACS long-range radar detection and control aircraft and US Navy P-8A patrol aircraft also took part in the operation.

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