NATO has created a new special operations command

The Hungarian-led R-SOCC Command will receive initial functionality in January 2021.
Hungary, Croatia, Slovakia, and Slovenia have established the NATO Regional Special Operations Command (R-SOCC). This is reported on the alliance’s website on Friday, October 25.

It is noted that today the defense ministers of the four NATO countries signed a memorandum of understanding on the establishment of a regional special operations command, which will operate under the leadership of Hungary.”Under the leadership of Hungary, this is the command will increase the ability of the four countries to effectively use their special forces,” the statement said.

It is noted that the R-SOCC command will receive initial functionality in January 2021, and it will be fully operational until December 2024.

The command will also allow each country to use its own contributions separately, but benefit from the integrated R-SOCC structure once activated for deployment.

“Since the Special Operations Forces are a very universal tool in today’s conflict, this signing ceremony takes an important step towards strengthening the special forces in the region and strengthening cooperation and cooperation within the alliance.” NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Joane said.

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A decision on a new format of NATO’s relations with Ukraine will be decided next week. This was announced by The Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andrei zagorodnyuk after the visit to NATO headquarters.

As you know, on October 31, the North Atlantic Council will hold a meeting in Ukraine. The meeting will be attended by President Vladimir Selensky.