NATO refused to work with Russia “as usual” and demanded the return of Crimea

NATO does not see the possibility of “doing business as usual” with Russia until it changes its behavior. This is stated in a statement following the meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission in Kyiv.

The alliance said that “constructive changes in Russia’s actions” are needed for normal work, which will lead to compliance with international law and obligations.

In addition, the bloc reiterated that Crimea is the territory of Ukraine, and condemned its accession to Russia. “We call on Russia to regain control of Crimea to Ukraine,” the document reads. NATO also worried about human rights on the peninsula and negatively assessed the build-up of Russian military power, deeming it “part of a larger model of Russian aggression in the region.” will ask for an opinion on the prospects of Ukraine’s accession to the alliance. He pointed out that Moscow has no right to influence this decision.

Crimea became part of Russia in March 2014 after a referendum in which the majority of the inhabitants of the peninsula supported this idea. Kyiv and Western countries believe that Russia has occupied Ukrainian territory. Moscow rejects these accusations and insists that the vote was held in accordance with international law.

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