NATO says russian and U.S. satellites threaten collision

By | February 8, 2020
NATO says russian and U.S. satellites threaten collision

The North Atlantic Alliance noted that space is no longer a safe space.
Russian-launched spacecraft maneuver near the American satellite and pose a threat to Western countries. This was stated by NATO’s Supreme Commander for Transformation, General Andre Lanata, in a commentary by the Washington Examiner.

According to him, the Russian Defense Ministry launched a small satellite, which went into the same orbit with the American reconnaissance vehicle and followed it.

“Until now, everyone considered outer space a safe haven. This is no longer the case,” Lanata said.

The general also questioned the ability of NATO member states to confront threats in space, stressing that this issue should be dealt with by each nation individually, not by the North Atlantic Alliance.

Russia explains the reasons for the descent of the military satellite

Earlier it was reported that NATO has recognized space as its new operational sphere.

In response, Moscow said it would closely monitor The implementation of Stoltenberg’s promise not to deploy weapons in space.

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