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Natural virus: Trump's theory refuted in the USA

Natural virus: Trump’s theory refuted in the USA

Director of the National Institute of allergic and infectious diseases the US, the main infectious diseases in countries Anthony Fauci denied the theory that the coronavirus could be created in a lab in Wuhan, China. According to him, this proves the gradual nature of the evolution of the virus.

“This virus evolved in nature, and then jumped the species threshold”, — said Fauci.

The alternative theory that the virus was discovered in the wild and taken to the laboratory, from which subsequently “broke” the infectious disease doctor believes untenable.

Fauci’s statement directly contradicts the recent conclusions of the American administration, including the President of the United States Donald trump about the “compelling evidence” of the artificial creation of the virus in China.

As said by the US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, the White House has “serious evidence” that Beijing hid the truth about the origin of the novel coronavirus.

“China had previously infected the world, they were previously laboratories that did not meet the standards. This is not the first time the world has been exposed to the virus, which appeared due to errors in the Chinese lab”, — stated the head of the State Department.

The lack of evidence
The administration of the tramp, as he did refer to numerous our intelligence, however, the Agency is in no hurry to confirm the information about the artificial origin of the coronavirus. In particular, at the end of April in macro suede officially announced the lack of information on this question.

“The intelligence community agrees with the broad consensus of scientists that the virus COVID-19 was not created by man and have not been genetically modified,” — said the Agency.

China also rejects any participation at the beginning of the pandemic, especially the relationship with the Wuhan lab. The government newspaper China The Global Times noted that the US has not presented any convincing proof to support these allegations, they are more like “bluff”.

By the way, about the artificial origin of the virus saying, basically, White House officials and the media. At the Pentagon, as well as in microsuede, are skeptical about such theories. According to the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff U.S. army Mark Milly, all evidence is still pointing to a natural origin of the coronavirus.

“We had a lot of intelligence information, it was an abandoned gaze. And at this stage [the conclusion] is not final,” added the representative office.

The “evidence against China,” published in the media, has to find a refutation. In particular, the report of a reconnaissance of the Union of the “five eyes”, which includes experts from USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK to withhold information on the part of Beijing has proven false.

Who the accusations of the US against China called speculatively. As the program head of emergency situations in health care organizations Michael Ryan, the White House did not provide any specific data or evidence about the origin of the virus.

Who “willingly” consider any information about the origin of the coronavirus granted to the United States, continued Ryan if such data will still be published.

“The us government will have to decide whether and when to share them, but who find it difficult to operate in such an information vacuum,” — said the representative of the organization.

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Chinese persecution
However, Washington is not going to slow down the pace of anti-Chinese rhetoric. The theory about the artificial creation of the virus was a continuation of U.S. attempts to engage China to account for the beginning of the pandemic. Accusations of withholding of information were initially focused around the scale of deaths in the Chinese territory but later evolved into a concealing data about the pandemic as a whole.

Together with Beijing is suffering from the US campaign and the who, which trump accused of aiding China, but also an ineffective response to the epidemic. Funding has been suspended, and now the White house actively promoting the idea of the necessity for reform.

As wrote The New York Times, the administration trump is currently putting pressure on intelligence to give weight to all his “Chinese theories” — particularly on the establishment of the Wuhan virus in the laboratory.

In the promotion of his allegations, the White House faces resistance in the scientific community, which can provide much-needed Washington insights, as well as intelligence.

Spinning anti-China campaign, the US administration has itself faced similar accusations in their country. Thus, the media have repeatedly pointed to the slow response of the trump on the epidemic and ignoring its dangers, as well as an attempt to shift attention away from their mistakes to other countries. In addition, the President accused a big hurry with the lifting of restrictions imposed to contain the pandemic.

Dissatisfied with the actions of the President and his rivals from the Democratic party, who expect to get explanations from the White house. Trump is already partially protecting themselves from this problem, forbidding the administration to testify in Congress.

Restrictions apply and infectious diseases Fauci, who does not support anti-Chinese attacks of the President. However, only state governors really confront the president, whom Trump can not get to get out of the crisis by lifting restrictive measures. The heads of regions rely on the epidemiological situation, and not on the loud statements of the president.

While the situation in the United States cannot be called stable, according to recent data, the number of cases of coronavirus infection in the country exceeded 1.2 million, and the number of victims almost reached 70 thousand. According to CNN, not all states passed the peak of the pandemic, so the delay in the discovery is entirely justified.

This pace is extremely worrying for Trump, who hoped to use the economy as his trump card in the upcoming elections – the longer tough measures are in place, the more time will be required for economic recovery.

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