Navalny poisoning: EU threatens to revise relations with Russia

By | September 15, 2020
Navalny poisoning: EU threatens to revise relations with Russia

The sanctions regime against Russia may be triggered by human rights violations, says Borrel.
Due to the poisoning of Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny, the EU will review its relations with Russia. This was announced by the head of EU foreign policy service Josep Borrel at the session of the European Parliament on Tuesday, September 15.

Borrel says that the EU should approve the sanctions regime for violation of human rights and give him the name of Navalny.

“What happened to Navalny should force the EU countries to approve this mechanism, which will be similar to the “Magnitsky Act” in the U.S. Thus, in the future, Navalny’s name will be associated with EU sanctions against those who violate human rights,” Borrel explained.

The diplomat added that Navalny’s poisoning may have implications for EU-Russia relations, a topic that will be discussed at the summit of foreign ministers of EU member states on September 21.

Recall that earlier Navalny was disconnected from the IVL machine. The patient was able to completely move away from artificial ventilation of the lungs and is becoming more and more mobile, said in Charite.

Also, the first photo of Navalny from the hospital appeared. The Russian oppositionist published the first post on Instagram since his hospitalization, telling about his well-being.

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