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Navalny's headquarters announces the end of protests

Navalny’s headquarters announces the end of protests

Supporters of the Russian opposition leader plan to free their leader using foreign policy methods.
Leonid Volkov, head of Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s regional headquarters network, announced that the politician’s team will not hold any rallies this coming weekend. Volkov said that there would be no one left to organize rallies in the regions, because Navalny’s local coordinators and supporters had been detained after January 23 and 31 rallies, he said on Thursday, February 4, on the Navalny Live YouTube channel. In addition, holding weekly rallies can lead to frustration with the street form of protest.
“If we go out every week, we will get thousands more arrested and hundreds more beaten up. The work of the headquarters will be paralyzed and it will be impossible to work on the elections,” Volkov explained, adding that Navalny had asked to focus on preparing for the State Duma elections scheduled for the fall of 2021. The next opposition rallies are scheduled for the spring and summer.

In addition, according to Volkov, his associates intend to ensure that any conversation between world politicians and Vladimir Putin boils down only to questions about Navalny and his release.

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“We will get him out of jail using foreign policy methods,” Volkov said.

Russian security forces brutally suppressed protests sparked by the detention and arrest of Alexei Navalny, who returned to his homeland from Germany after being treated for the effects of Novichok poisoning and the politician’s trial. OVD-Info estimated that more than 11,000 people were detained across Russia.

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