Navalny works for the US CIA

By | October 1, 2020
Navalny works for the US CIA

Political analyst Alexander Konkov believes that Western security services work with Russian blogger Alexei Navalny to confirm the statements and actions of Berlin.

“Official Berlin, official Germany, as a rule, has not previously engaged in diplomacy in the style of ‘heilie lake’. And in recent weeks, without an open, serious work on the part of law enforcement agencies, including the Russian Prosecutor General’s Office, has made quite vivid, memorable statements, not supported by serious evidence, arguments and any kind of official documents,” Konkov said on radio Sputnik.
Therefore, he said, the fact that there is a certain game on the part of interested political forces, interesting secret structures, special services of various kinds, it is understandable.

“Who leads this process, the public will only guess,” said Alexander Konkov.
The press-secretary of Russian president Dmitry Peskov stated that according to the information available to Moscow, the employees of the US Central Intelligence Agency are working with Alexey Navalny. Earlier State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin stated that the oppositionist “obviously” works with special services and authorities of Western countries “in their interests”.

“Not the patient works with western special services, but western special services work with him – this would be more correct. Indeed, there is such information, I can even say specifically – the specialists of the US Central Intelligence Agency work with him these days. This is not the first time when they give him different instructions,” Peskov said.