Near the American school there was the second shooting in a week


The network published footage of an armed confrontation that unfolded near a school in Chester, Pennsylvania in the northeast of the United States
On the morning of last Friday, September 20, two men decided to find out the relationship. Both disputes chose firearms as arguments. The suspects ran after each other around a car parked in the street and fired pistols.

According to local media, none of the participants in the incident made any hits. Both shooters escaped, the identity of one of them is established, the second attacker has yet to be identified.

It is noteworthy that the day before two students of the institution, near which there was a Friday shooting, received gunshot wounds. The children were shot right outside the school. The 15-year-old was shot in the chest, leg, and arm. He was hospitalized in critical condition. The second victim – a young man of seventeen years, was injured in the leg, there is no danger to his life.

The administration has already announced additional measures to ensure the safety of schoolchildren.

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