Nebenzia aptly explained the situation with Idlib and the UN Security Council


Russia’s ambassador to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia, explained the situation in the UN Security Council, where two resolutions on the situation in Idlib were blocked today. As Nebenzia noted, what happened is nothing but a deliberate show.

Recall that today during the meeting on Syria in the UN Security Council, Russia and China vetoed the project of Belgium, Germany, and Kuwait on the ceasefire in Idlib. The reason for the discontent was that the resolution did not make exceptions for anti-terrorist special operations.

At the same time, Russia and China offered their own option, which also took into account the issue of fighting terrorists. However, in response, nine countries (including the United States and Poland) opposed the Russian-Chinese draft resolution.

As Nebenzia noted, what happened was most reminiscent of “deliberate show”. He added that the purpose of this show, obviously, was to entertain the international community “another Russian veto”, Izvestia reports.

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