Neon project showed “artificial” people

Neon project showed

The images of people in the videos are created using computer graphics and are controlled by artificial intelligence.
CES 2020 showed what the “artificial” people of the Neon project look like. The video appeared on the YouTube channel Good Content Tech.

The project creates virtual images of people who are trying to bring to perfection. They are used in films and programs.

The video features four people who speak, move and demonstrate a diverse range of emotions. They are controlled by artificial intelligence, creating as close to the real human avatar.

They can be used as TV presenters, movie actors, in games, and even virtual friends. In the comments to the video, users noted that avatars look exactly like humans.

Earlier it was reported that the Chinese invented a cat robot with six emotions. The Correspondent also wrote that Digit robots were taught to work in a team.

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