Netflix launches free access to content

By | September 3, 2020
Netflix launches free access to content

Many users prefer to watch new movies and interesting content not somewhere in the cinema but at home. This approach is becoming more popular, because when you have a TV with high-quality picture and surround sound, then go to the movies there are not many reasons. However, there is a choice, what streaming service to use? And then comes the competition, which makes services more loyal to users.

Some take a huge choice of content, others its exclusivity, others rely on the flexibility of tariff policy. But Netflix has clearly outdone its competitors by offering free access to its content for all comers! According to, this is done to expand the number of subscribers. People may like the service if they try its features for free and without commitment.

However, there are some caveats. For example, you can only watch some movies for free. Among them, there are many really interesting paintings – “Very Strange Things”, or “horror” “Birdbox.” All files available for free are collected on a special page. Also among the restrictions can be included that you can watch preferential content only on Android devices and in web browsers from computers. Also, with free viewing, there is no way to get the best sound and video quality. Residents of all countries where the service is officially presented can take advantage of the offer.

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