Neuralink will begin to chip people in a year


The human brain is an incredibly complex structure, a real universe. Scientists study how it works. Some progress in this direction has been achieved by the company Neuralink, owned by Elon Musk. Just recently, it was reported that researchers said about the possibility of implanting electronic chips directly into the brain. It can turn people into cyborgs.

How dangerous new development Neuralink? First, the information was announced by the Masque, which eliminates the fact that this absurd rumor. Second, the work is not yet completed, although it has entered the final stage. Accordingly, to say that technology is the introduction of the chip in the brain is fully ready, it will be possible only when it will be fully tested. And thirdly, it is necessary to understand how and why you will use the chipping, how massive it could become.

Regarding the third, Musk said that developments Neuralink are a very positive color and can be successfully used in medicine. For example, a lot of people suffer from loss of speech, hearing, and vision. In some cases, they can regain lost capabilities, working on specific areas of the brain with this chip. You can also restore mobility to those paralyzed.

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However, installed under the bones of the skull and connected with the brain by a special electrode chip has much more potential. For example, in the future it can be used for neural interfaces, combining the human brain and a computer. People will be able to load into memory the machine’s own thoughts. This high-tech sector requires constant monitoring and scrutiny, given that any technology can be used for the benefit of, and harm.