New Available Test Detects COVID-19 for One Hour

New Available Test Detects COVID-19 for One Hour

A progressive pandemic has revealed common problems for a large number of states. This lack of experience in combating infectious diseases, lack of qualified personnel, and equipment. In addition, at the time the pandemic began, there was not a single technology that could quickly and accurately detect an infection in humans. The latter circumstance played a negative role in the distribution of COVID-19.

Now such technologies have begun to appear. Recently it became known about a new testing method, which does not require laboratory equipment and can be performed at home. His authorship belongs to scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard. At the moment, the method has no technical implementation, but researchers are confident in its viability.

Equally important are moments such as simplicity and speed of testing. A test result of a smear from the nasal cavity, or saliva, can be obtained within an hour. In addition, the new test is sensitive, like the best modern tests performed in a laboratory for several days. The developers are confident that the introduction of such a test will solve the problem of mass screening of the world’s population.

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