New COVID-19-related infection kills children: Europe follows disease after Europe

By | May 15, 2020
New COVID-19-related infection kills children: Europe follows disease after Europe

A new infection, which doctors associate with COVID-19, followed by European countries and attacked the United States. Already in 17 states of America, cases of infection have been detected. The disease hits children; it kills some. Three deaths are known, and more than a hundred are infected.

In at least six European countries, an outbreak of a strange disease was previously detected among children who had coronavirus. Symptoms of the infection are very reminiscent of those that occur with Kawasaki syndrome, including a rash on the body, abdominal pain. Small patients with strange symptoms were found in the UK, Germany, Italy, France.

Following Europe, the United States also attacked the disease. Children from 17 states of America, including New York, were under attack. The governor of the latter, Andrew Cuomo, reported that only in this metropolis a hundred sick children were discovered with strange symptoms resembling Kawasaki syndrome. Moreover, a third of those infected are children from five to nine years old.

Researchers do not exclude that this may be a reaction of children to COVID-19. The saddest thing is that this disease kills guys. Earlier, the famous Russian journalist Valentin Bogdanov, who works in the United States, told in his author’s Telegram channel that there were already more than a hundred and three children who were infected in America.

“Already 15 states in the US are investigating the relationship between a new inflammatory disease in children (manifestations resemble Kawasaki syndrome) and coronavirus,” Bogdanov writes. “Meanwhile, there are already 102 cases of a new disease in New York State. Three children have passed away.”

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