New Little Big clip gains over 14 million views

Little Big

The new clip of the Russian group Little Big for the song Hypnodancer, published on the YouTube channel of musicians on Friday, May 8, collected over 14.3 million views by Monday morning
The video has hit YouTube trends in 26 countries.

The plot of the clip is built around the robbery of the casino with the help of a hypnotizing dance. While the frontman of the group, Ilya Prusikin, performs movements that immerse everyone in a trance, the remaining members of the group take out the money.

The Hatters group, stand-up comedian Danila Poperechny and TV presenter Alexander Gudkov took part in the video recording.

Hypnodancer was the first song released by Litlle Big after the song Uno, with which the group planned to perform at Eurovision.

The cancellation of Eurovision in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus became known on March 18. Little Big members supported the cancellation of the music contest due to a pandemic.

Earlier, on May 10, the soloist of the musical group Ilya Prusikin, in an interview on the Eurovision YouTube channel, said that Little Big was ready to represent Russia at the music competition in 2021 if the group was called again.

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