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A new space home for humanity is proposed

A new space home for humanity is proposed

Physicist Pekka Janhunen (Pekka Janhunen) of the Finnish Meteorological Institute has suggested that a suitable object for human colonization in the solar system is Ceres, a dwarf planet in the asteroid belt. This is reported in a paper published in the arXiv preprints repository.

The author proposes to build a station in orbit around Ceres, which will be close enough to the surface of the small planet to be able to build a space elevator length of just over a thousand kilometers. This would allow the delivery of construction materials and resources from the surface for resupply and repairs. Ceres contains enough nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide for these purposes.

Janhunen envisions that the station itself will be more than one and a half kilometers long and consist of thousands of interconnected cylindrical structures, adapted for human life, recreation, and agriculture. Two giant mirror disks resembling the shell of a bivalve mollusk are supposed to collect solar energy. Artificial gravity can be created by rotating the station. The initial population could reach 50 thousand people.

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