New suspects arrested in 39-body truck case in Britain

British police have detained two new suspects in the murder of 39 Chinese migrants whose bodies were found in a truck. This is reported by Reuters.

A 38-year-old man and a woman are known to have been arrested in the British city of Warrington, Cheshire. It is noted that they are suspected of human trafficking and manslaughter, other details are not given. The truck driver Mo Robinson remains in custody.

Earlier it was reported that the cargo trailer, which contained the bodies of 39 Chinese migrants, crossed the English Channel several times in a week, separating the UK from continental Europe. A GPS report showed that the rented trailer had previously been in French refugee camps in Dunkirk and Calais before heading to Belgium. The trailer was last recorded in Europe in the Belgian port city of Zeebrugge on 22 October, before traveling to the British City of Purfleet.

The probable cause of death is frostbite or lack of oxygen. The trailer attached to the truck turned out to be a refrigerator, the temperature of which dropped to minus 25 degrees.

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Thirty-nine Chinese migrants found dead in the back of a truck could have been locked in a freezer trailer for days. They are believed to have come from the eastern Chinese province of Fujian, where a gang of “snakeheads” is involved in people smuggling.

The truck was registered in the Bulgarian city of Varna to a company owned by an Irish citizen, the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said. The truck’s owner said she and her husband sold it to a Northern Irish company more than a year ago. It is also known that China has joined the investigation into the incident.

Earlier it was reported that 38 adults and one teenager were found among the dead. They are all Chinese citizens. Two addresses in the local county of Armagh were searched.

Police believe the container containing the bodies of the victims arrived in Britain on the night of Wednesday, 23 October, from Sebrugge, and the tractor from Northern Ireland. The Belgian Federal Prosecutor’s Office said it had launched an investigation but did not yet have information on how long the trailer with the corpses had been in their country.

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A van containing the bodies of 39 people was found in the Grace industrial zone on October 23.