New York Mayor Cancels Curfew Early

By | June 7, 2020
New York Mayor Cancels Curfew Early

Bill de Blasio explained this by the peaceful nature of Saturday’s protests

New York authorities on Sunday canceled a curfew imposed to quell protests over the murder of George Floyd.

“We cancel the curfew, and this decision takes effect immediately. Yesterday and tonight, we saw the city in the best possible light, “wrote New York Mayor Bill de Blasio on Twitter on Sunday. The curfew, effective from 20:00, was introduced in New York for the first time in several decades after the clashes between demonstrators opposing police brutality and law enforcement officers became violent. But on Saturday night, the police backed off, allowing peaceful demonstrations to continue after 8 p.m.
New York Mayor Cancels Curfew Early
The curfew was originally intended to be effective at least until Sunday, inclusive.

In response to a de Blasio tweet, dozens of commentators urged him to resign. Demonstrators believe that the mayor’s office did not make enough efforts to protect them and find out who provoked the violence in their demonstrations.

Demonstrations in the US began last week after the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis. In the hospital, he was recognized dead after a policeman pressed his neck with his knee to the ground.

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