New York quarantine partially eased

By | May 15, 2020
New York quarantine partially eased

Work permits in several districts were granted to industrial enterprises and construction companies.
New York State authorities have eased quarantine measures in some counties since May 15. Governor Andrew Cuomo issued a decree on Thursday, May 14, to quit self-isolation in Rochester and Syracuse, with 210,000 and 150,000 residents, as well as in the southern districts on the border with the state of Pennsylvania.

Construction companies and industrial enterprises will resume their work here. In the rest of the state, including the city of New York, quarantine has been extended until June 13th.

Cuomo said that in the event of a decrease in the number of cases, the restrictions may be canceled earlier than this time – depending on the situation in each district.

In the state of New York, over the past day, 157 people died from the effects of coronavirus, while daily mortality is gradually decreasing. In total, more than 330 thousand people are infected in New York, more than 27.6 thousand have died.

It was reported that earlier in the United States increased the prognosis of mortality from COVID-19. The previously prepared forecast for those who died from coronavirus was increased to 147 thousand. Such an indicator is expected in early August.

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