New York State Adopts Bill to Legalize Adult Marijuana Use

New York State Adopts Bill to Legalize Adult Marijuana Use

New York State has passed a bill to legalize adult marijuana use. Thus, the northwestern region of the United States, where the largest American metropolis is located, has every chance of becoming the 15th state to allow the use of marijuana for “recreational purposes”, reports today, March 31, Reuters.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo has expressed his willingness to sign the document, giving it the force of law.

“New York has a rich history as a progressive capital city, and this important piece of legislation will continue that legacy,” he said.
The state Senate approved the bill with 40 votes in favor and 23 against it. In the New York Assembly, the lower house of the legislature, votes was distributed as follows: 100 in favor and 49 against.

The decision was welcomed by NORML, a marijuana advocacy group that said tens of thousands of New Yorkers are arrested each year for petty marijuana offenses, and that most are young, poor, and of color.

“Legalizing marijuana is a racial and criminal justice imperative, and today’s vote is an important step towards a fairer system,” said New York Attorney General Laetitia James.
The US state’s official website recently predicted that tax collection after legalizing adult drug use by adults in the region would reach $ 350 million a year and “create between 30,000 and 60,000 new jobs statewide.”

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