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NKR Council: Azerbaijan advances its military positions in Karabakh

NKR Council: Azerbaijan advances its military positions in Karabakh

The Azerbaijani armed forces are pushing their positions deep into Nagorno-Karabakh, thus violating the agreements reached during the recent war. Secretary of the Security Council of the unrecognized Nagorno-Karabakh Republic (NKR) Vitaly Balasanyan told this to RIA Novosti today, January 5.

“Azerbaijan has repeatedly violated today’s conditional borders of the Republic of Artsakh (the Armenian historical name for Nagorno-Karabakh. – There are also occasional violations on the line of contact. Since November 10 the line of contact has not been fixed, Azerbaijanis move their positions and try to realize various provocations, but Artsakh Defense Army does not fall back on them,” NKR Security Council Administrative Head said.
According to him, violations by Azerbaijan were recorded in the direction of Aghdam, Askeran, Stepanakert, and Karmir Shuka settlement (Krasny Bazar).

“We inform the Russian peacekeeping contingent about the recorded violations. It is true the issues raised are solved partly but there are positive trends in this direction,” Balasanyan noted.
As the media reported, the most important incident in the Karabakh conflict zone after the truce was established there on November 10 was the attack of the Azerbaijani armed forces on the positions of the Armenian troops in settlements of Khtsaberd and Khin Tagher of Hadrut region of the NKR on December 12. On December 16, Russian peacekeepers pulled out of the encirclement a group of Armenians near the two settlements. The operation was implemented with the participation of Lieutenant General Rustam Muradov, the head of Russian peacekeepers.

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As a reminder, on November 9, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev and Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan signed a joint statement on the full cessation of hostilities in Nagorno-Karabakh, which started on September 27. Azerbaijani and Armenian sides were to remain in the positions taken after 44 days of the war, and Russian peacekeepers were to be deployed in the conflict region. There was a schedule for Armenian troop’s withdrawal from a number of regions around NKR.

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